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ROI of happiness

Thursday, July 10th, 2014

Have you been lucky enough to come across someone in your life whose mere presence fills you with so much joy that you almost feel you are going to burst? Sadly, I don’t think enough people have. Should you be one of the fortunate ones, then hold on, it’s not going to always be an easy ride, but you’ll be happy that you were a part of the journey.

I’ve been fortunate enough to know someone for most of my adult life who I enjoy spending time with. Just the thought of being able to get even a brief bit of their time makes me feel overjoyed. It’s natural to wish for more, but one thing I’ve learned (though I sometimes need to be re-taught this lesson) is that you can’t expect that things will always be smooth.

Walls go up, defenses are raised, it’s only natural, especially when everyone has had their hopes shattered in past relationships. There aren’t too many people these days who can’t say they’ve never been let down in a relationship. Have that happen to you a few times, and you learn pretty quickly to put your guard up when you sense someone is getting through at that level again. A key point to remember, is don’t run at any of the walls that may be put in place. Instead, you’re better off approaching them slowly, learning why they are there and how you can make a best effort to overcome them.

Unfortunately, you can’t live life without being daring enough to put yourself out there from time to time. At first it will feel like you are completely out of your element. ¬†Anything worth having in life is going to come with some sort of a cost, sometimes it’s not a fee you feel comfortable with, but more often then not, given time and patience, you may discover the result was worth far more than you realized, and worth every penny.

What’s the meaning of this?!?!?!

Sunday, July 6th, 2014

My writing has always been sporadic at best. I’ve noticed that my best bouts of writing tend to occur when I am most inspired, and typically that inspiration arrives in the form of someone (and occasionally something) in my life. A muse if you will. Muses take on many forms, but the one that seems to both inspire me the most, and generate some of the better posts, tends to involve people in my life. I’ve always known I’m a person who thrives most when part of a couple. Not that I am unable to remain by myself, but when there is someone else who I am trying to include in my life (besides my kids obviously) I’ve noticed that I tend to most excel overall.

I’ve never worried much about how I am viewed by those not a part of my “inner” circle of friends and family. Not that I disregard their opinions completely, but I certainly don’t allow them to dictate the direction of my life. If I feel in the mood, then I’ll easily embarrass those around me. When I have someone in my life that makes me shine, I’ve learned that I then like to share that glow with everyone I encounter. Whether it is someone in a grocery store that laughs at my shenanigans, or the people of our group when we are out that just shakes their heads and wonders what I may be up to now, I just like making sure other people are having at least a portion of the fun I am.

My recent splurge of posts is attributable to someone in particular. Unfortunately, the position in my life that just a week ago I thought they would begin to play a major role in, has instead become more of a reserved role. I’ve noticed that has caused a decrease in my inspirational moments, but that will soon balance itself back out again.

I guess the point behind this post is to find what inspires you to be the most creative, and fill your life with it. But when it becomes outside of your ability to do that, work through and find another point of inspiration. People may notice that you aren’t “up to par” for a bit, but it’s still better to at least attempt to keep your inspiration alive while you rekindle your inspiration. I may have lost the level of my current muse, but I refuse to lose the hope that my muse will return, in what form or when is still left up to chance, but it will return.


The good… and the bad… (nothing ugly about it)

Thursday, July 3rd, 2014

Life always amazes me, the way things can change so rapidly from one extreme to the other. You could be at one of your lowest points and the most off-the-wall thing may turn it all around. Or you could be riding high feeling like nothing could bring you down. That is when you are your most vulnerable, and I’ve always been a MAJOR proponent of taking those risks, putting yourself out there, whether it is for work, family, love, whatever it may be, take advantage of the moment because you never know when it might end.

But you also have to be a bit careful, I know that seems contradictory, but you have to be cognisant of everyone around you. Make sure you are not making assumptions, or making people feel taken advantage of. Be in the moment, but also be fully aware of the moment and everyone else involved. I have always been accused (and rightly so) of being overly-optimistic and speaking so absolute, even about things that are not an absolute. My thinking always has been, if you believe in something so much, and you portray that positive outlook, then positive things will happen. That doesn’t always mean what you hoped would happen does, but I do firmly believe that something good comes out of whatever you stay positive about.

On the flip side of that is when you are really down and you think nothing in the world could possibly go right for you. (Sometimes you are taken right to this point from the other). However, it may be the most random, off the wall action, sometimes by a complete stranger who has no idea of what they have done for you, that breaks you out of that feeling. Maybe you just receive some random text from someone saying they are thinking about you, or some stranger comes up and comments on your shirt, or your hair. They probably had no idea where your mind was, and how much their little comment meant to you.

I challenge everyone who reads this, the next time you are out in public, pay attention to your surroundings and find something positive to say about someone you see. You never know how it might help them with their day, then they in turn may help someone else. Maybe it even reaches someone who has come to the conclusion that there is no longer any sense in continuing on. You never know what the ripple affect of one small act of kindness might be, so create as many ripples as you can, and challenge yourself to brighten one persons day, each and every day.

That’s all I have for today. It’s been a bit of a tough week for me, but as always, I’ll come through with something good from it. I just have to stay positive.¬†