Post dated 3 years old… but it wasn’t really

Last post was dated 2014 but after re-reading it I realize it was actually posted just a little short of a year ago. We hinted at a new endeavor and as of this writing we are now 8 1/2 months into it! What is it you may ask? Well if you are asking then you have NOT been very good at keep tabs on us. We purchased the local Cartridge World (we sell ink and toner for printers along with having added a whole plethora of services geared at the B2B market (business to business). We are able to take quite a bit of the pain and frustration out of printing for businesses (and home owners, but our focus is on building the B2B side of things).

Just thought I would hop in here and run an update. I’m not promising anything, as my track record pretty well sums up how well I keep up on this old blog. But we will see.

Until next time,


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