I AM for scuba!!!!

This was an old post, just resurrecting my blog… Yesterday I finished my classes for scuba training and am now a Padi certified diver! Wow how time flies! That was almost 2 full years ago. I have now not only been fully certified, I’ve gotten married, dove in Tahiti with sharks (the Polynesian variety are very friendly; you can tell by the fact that you exit the water with all your limbs still attached). We are now starting off on the next exciting chapter of our lives. I think it is going to become pretty entertaining as Kat and I are exploring a new adventure together. Working out the details, but as soon as we are able we will be sure to make a HUGE announcement. Just some good thoughts sent our way if you would, we need to secure the financing and then…

It’s going to be good! BTW, we will only bug you a little bit to support our new endeavour. Something everyone can (and does) use almost daily.

Keep your eyes open, I’m going to try to resurrect this here bloggy thing and see what I can make of it. Now THAT is going to be… I’ll let you fill in the blank.


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