Life… is it what it is?

Life is… How would you end that sentence? Funny? Hard? Interesting? Strange? Whatever your answer may be, I’d be willing to bet those around you may answer it differently. Even possibly more interesting, if you asked those around you to answer that question for you, once again, the answers would probably be quite varied, and often contradictory.

Life is… life. It’s what happens while you make other plans. You never know what direction your life may take, or what new adventures may suddenly be placed on your path. As with my previous posts lately, all I would suggest, is that you do whatever you can to make it fun. If you suddenly find yourself exploring some new aspect of your life, enjoy every minute of it. It could just be the start of a long and wondrous new adventure, a short “plot twist”, or it possibly even a small sub-text to something larger.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have (and be) the participant of all of those very recently. Some of them I wrote about here (though a bit cryptically at times) and some I’ve kept to myself. One thing I’ve learned (again as it were) is that quite often you think something going on in your life fits into one of the aforementioned categories, only to discover, in hindsight, that it was something completely different. Being willing and able to acknowledge these “discrepancies” in what you thought was reality is exactly what is required to keep exploring new and exciting things.

Just a few weeks ago I was in a completely different mindset, and am still amazed at how quickly ones perspective can become adjusted to realize that you need to adjust your perspective. A recent project for the photography group I am a part of was in fact perspective (not sure if I’ve written about that yet or not). But we were challenged with taking photos of the local courthouse square, from a different perspective. That is a good assignment to give yourself in your everyday life. Take a look at things going on from a new perspective. Be willing to the accept the fact that maybe something right in front of you really is what it appears to be. But also be prepared to open your mind a bit to it maybe even being something more (or possibly less).

Once again, as I look back at what I just wrote I realize it is again cryptic. I guess I just like writing to make people think, and allow what I write to be broadly applied to possibly allow more people to apply it to whatever their current life is dealing them. Examine where you are, what is going on, and quite possibly, you may discover something staring you right in the face, that you hadn’t even realized was there.

What IS your life?


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