ROI of happiness

Have you been lucky enough to come across someone in your life whose mere presence fills you with so much joy that you almost feel you are going to burst? Sadly, I don’t think enough people have. Should you be one of the fortunate ones, then hold on, it’s not going to always be an easy ride, but you’ll be happy that you were a part of the journey.

I’ve been fortunate enough to know someone for most of my adult life who I enjoy spending time with. Just the thought of being able to get even a brief bit of their time makes me feel overjoyed. It’s natural to wish for more, but one thing I’ve learned (though I sometimes need to be re-taught this lesson) is that you can’t expect that things will always be smooth.

Walls go up, defenses are raised, it’s only natural, especially when everyone has had their hopes shattered in past relationships. There aren’t too many people these days who can’t say they’ve never been let down in a relationship. Have that happen to you a few times, and you learn pretty quickly to put your guard up when you sense someone is getting through at that level again. A key point to remember, is don’t run at any of the walls that may be put in place. Instead, you’re better off approaching them slowly, learning why they are there and how you can make a best effort to overcome them.

Unfortunately, you can’t live life without being daring enough to put yourself out there from time to time. At first it will feel like you are completely out of your element.  Anything worth having in life is going to come with some sort of a cost, sometimes it’s not a fee you feel comfortable with, but more often then not, given time and patience, you may discover the result was worth far more than you realized, and worth every penny.

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