OK, I’ve finally got WordPress installed on my new site (which you obviously know about otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this) but it’s I was previously writing on my but decided to start up and MY site. Hicksconnection will eventually be used as a place for family to post things, and this site will be for MY stuff.

I plan to probably alternate between written and video posts depending on what I am doing at the time and how much easier one format would be than another. I’ll always post notices about new posts I put up on my social network sites (Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace) and you can watch my youtube channel for anything video related (but hopefully I will always also put the video here so this would be the “one-stop-shop” to know what’s going on with me.

I’m writing up a new post that should be up here soon giving a status update. I am always willing to listen to any input people might have (doesn’t mean I will DO what you suggest, but it does mean a lot that you care to comment or give your feedback).

OK, so I’m off to write my new post. I’ll put all the different ways to keep up with me below, once I get working on the site layout more I’ll get them all in the sidebar so you can always use this website as your way to get caught up with me.


Twitter: @gergorian
Facebook: (secured gwhicks before I thought of using gergorian, so now I gotta see what I can do to correct that).

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